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Help & Support

If you need help with any of our games please read the FAQ below and if the answer is not there, then contact us indicating whether you are having problems with the demo or full version. We will also appreciate any comments and suggestions that you will send to us.


Q: The game runs slow or there's a problem with graphics or sound.
A: First check if your computer meets minimum technical requirements, which you will find at the right of game's page. If it does, you probably need to install DirectX, which you can download for free on Microsoft's site here.

Q: I lost my full version and need to download it again.
A: Please send us your name and e-mail address. We will verify this data and e-mail you the download link.

Q: I want to order full version, but I am not sure if this is safe to give my credit card number online?
A: You can feel safe because your data will be encrypted using SSL industry-standard encryption and the money transaction procedure is being administered by Plimus, which is one of the most reliable services on the Internet.

Q: How can I be notified about promotions, special offers and new releases?
A: Please sign up for our newsletter. This is free and completely safe as we will not pass your e-mail address to third parties and you can be unsubscribed at any time if you wish.

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